Rayon Thread
Our rayon thread is made of high quality material, thus possessing a bright silky appearance with high tensile strength and excellent color fastness that create high productivity and adds value to your final products.It is excellent for delicate embroidery and ideal for most designs.  High sheen, smooth running and with an outstanding range of 746 colors you can choose from, we can insure your immediate satisfaction at a moment's notice.
Polyester Thread
Our polyester thread was created in response to the latest embroidery industry's demand. It excels the color fastness performance of rayon while at the same time remains the characteristic of its beautiful sheen. FuFu's polyester thread offers you an exceptional experience on resistance to chlorine, abrasion, stonewash and industrial wash which is ideal for embroidery on uniforms, restaurant wear, hotel use and other industries where garments are washed frequently. Our polyester thread has superior tensile strength and low elongation which eliminates looping, puckering, guarantees fewer breaks, and brings up working efficiency.  Available in 735 color options, including 23 neon colors.
Micro Thread-60 wt
This micro-thin polyester thread is perfect for small lettering and the fine details on delicate fabrics, a great material to create intricate stitches with supreme clarity.
Mixed Thread
This mixed thread is made of two different types of material which consists of one ply of rayon yarn and one ply of polyester yarn. We use the most advanced production techniques to combine the advantages of the pliable and lustrous appearance of rayon and the superior strength of polyester.The vivid effect of the threads mixing together is an excellent choice for the embroidery designs featuring animal fur, floral arrangement, plants and landscapes. It is easy to turn your creativity into reality simply by choosing the right thread for your job. Available in 14 different colors combinations.
Camouflage Thread
Camouflage is not just for soldiers or hunters anymore.  It is now a mainstream fashion trend.In response to the rising demand in the fashion industry, we have developed 7 camouflage colors to help embroiderers meet their customer's specific requirements. The thread is ideal for using on the embroidery items for outdoor enthusiasts as well as for the embroidery designs with a theme of disguise and concealment. FuFu's camouflage thread is made of fine rayon filament yarn which can assure you a great performance of the thread on the embroidery machine and an expected productivity.
Glow in the dark Thread
The glow yarn is a luminous filament yarn using the indoor light source for charge. The process of absorbing and emitting can be repeated. Its luminosity adds fun to sportswear, children's wear, blankets and pillows, and is ideal for logos and lettering used in the security service industries that need to be visible when in the dark. You can brighten up your special projects with this fascinating thread. Available in 8 colors.
Trending Colors
Twice a year, Pantone releases a Fashion Color Report that forecasts the shades that are bound to trend in the new season. In accordance to Pantone's fashion color report; we are happy to present the Trending Colors Thread Set as a handy tool for your work.
Matte Thread
No shimmer, no glitter, no shine, the matte finish of the polyester thread allows the focus of the color to return to its essence, toning down the design without taking away the drama.
multifunctional Thread
The 60S/3 multifunctional thread is made of 100% spun polyester. By employing the entirely new technology-vortex spinning, our threads combine cottony hand feel and the strong, regular, smooth characters of filament; the thread is low-lint, which could minimize the problem of lint building up in machine parts. Compared with the 2 ply sewing thread, our 3 ply sewing thread provides more stability during sewing, satisfying the needs of free motion quilting. It is the ideal thread for sewers when sewing zippers, combining quilt top, batting and backing fabric, also suitable for embroidery use.
12wt Polyester
Our 12 wt Polyester is a thread of many personalities, bringing a bold look to not just decorative embroidery but quilting, top-stitching, long stitches and even upholstery. This thick, sturdy thread can even support projects using heavier materials like leather, canvas, and denim. Our 12 wt polyester has an excellent tensile strength and a high break point that will hold pieces firmly together and will endure the process of working with highly stressed seams.
Southwell has been granted a U.S. Design Patent for the Y Type thread bobbin. Patent No.: US D818,009 S